AHF Network program is transforming the personal injury care space. AHF Network connects medical providers, attorneys and patients to offer a seamless experience from treatment to settlement. AHF Network makes it easier for medical providers to accept personal injury cases, streamlines settlement payouts for attorneys and helps bridge the gap of vetted care for their clients.

Since its founding in 2010, AHF has focused on continued innovation, speed, and confidentiality within the personal injury space. With AHF Network, AHF delivers a bold new solution.

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Benefits of AHF Network

Everyone wins: medical providers receive increased volume funding, attorneys receive access to top notch care for clients and easier settlements, patients get high quality care when they need it most.

Medical Providers
AHF offers an equitable rate for personal injury cases in exchange for letters of protection. Once established, the relationship functions similarly to the one between medical providers and insurance companies. AHF's rates compare favorably with insurance agencies, which means higher cash flow and minimal risks. AHF offers financing solutions that allow you to get the funds you need immediately while still maintaining equity in the receivables.
AHF creates a seamless process for attorneys once their personal injury cases have settled. Because AHF has negotiated with and compensated all medical providers, attorneys only need to make one call at settlement. In addition, AHF Network allows attorneys to offer their clients a vetted network of medical providers who accept personal injury cases, further streamlining the experience for all involved.


Case Study

"Medical providers who enrolled in AHF Network have increased their revenue and profitability exponentially"

Prior to 2011, AHF conducted business no differently than any standard finance company in this space. AHF purchased paper from doctors and negotiated with attorneys for payment as cases settled.

In 2011, AHF received a phone call from a highly reputable law firm in Florida looking to settle a case. After some back and forth we settled amicably. The lawyer told us that he wished all medical providers settled with him as easily as we did. He said it was difficult for him to find a board certified neurosurgeon willing to accept a lien, which resulted in his client driving over two hours to have surgery.

That conversation made us realize that we have a tremendous tool that we were not utilizing. By this point, we had established a robust network of lawyers and doctors, and we saw that by putting them in contact, we could streamline patient care, as well as case resolution. So, in addition to providing our signature financing, we recommended a vetted surgeon for the attorney’s client. This was the seed for the AHF Network model.

The attorney was able to get their client excellent medical care and reasonable bills. The medical provider was thrilled that we were able to generate business, and was even happier knowing that these would be vetted cases with guaranteed funding from AHF. Most importantly, injured patients were able to get access to medical care that would otherwise be out of reach. From 2011 to today, the AHF Network model has been a win for all parties.