About Us

Founded in 2010, AHF set out with the belief that everyone, regardless of background or income, should have the power of choice when it comes to reliable, uninterrupted financing.

We began by providing Pre-Settlement funding to plaintiffs involved in liability claims arising from Motor Vehicle Accidents. Our services were used by plaintiffs, having sustained significant injuries, who lost their primary incomes and could not access traditional forms of lending.

A year into our work, we identified a more pressing need within an underserved market by financing the medical care of MVA victims. We discovered clients lacked access to quality medical care because they couldn’t afford health insurance or had burdensome deductibles: Patients needed surgery, but didn’t have access to qualified, board-certified surgeons that were willing to work on a lien basis.

As medical lien financing grew in demand with medical providers, we recognized that providing financing for surgeries not only gave patients access to quality medical care, but also allowed medical providers the freedom to take on more cases as their costs were covered and cash flows normalized by our financing.

By bridging the gap between quality patient care and financial risk, AHF established itself as one of the leading Financers of Medical Liens in the United States, led by continued innovation in technology and sophisticated systems that enable doctors to finance their practice through customized solutions.